10th March 2022

London Cyber Skills Symposium Taking the Lead: Ensuring London has the world class Cyber-Skills it needs

Thursday 10 March 2022, 9.30am to 12.30pm

Join us for an exciting online seminar to introduce the work of the UK Cyber Security Council to Financial Services and Fintech Employers, and to discuss the inter-locking skills partnerships needed to meet the needs of London as a global hub for the governance and operation of secure and trustworthy online services.

During this event you will be able to:

  • Engage financial services employers with the UK Cyber Security Council
  • Engage financial services employers with City University
  • Help position London at the heart of globally trusted financial services


This event is organised by the UK Cyber Security Council, WCIT and City, University of London with the support of ISACA, (ISC)², UK Finance, and others.

Cyber-risk ranks alongside climate change, social divergence and barriers to mobility in the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2022 . The objective of this event is to discuss how London should use the formation of the UK Cyber Security Council as the catalyst for creating the skills partnerships necessary to ensure it remains the global hub for secure and trusted financial services with access to all the diverse skills and talents needed. At the same time it needs to address its own social divergence and barriers to mobility


That will entail opening up socially inclusive career paths, from school or welfare to work, through “earn while you learn” programmes (including but not just apprenticeships, whether or not degree-linked) to postgraduate and continuous professional development, updating and conversion. All are complicated by an accelerating treadmill of change, which has already over-taken current course and curriculum planning mechanisms.


Hence this event. The aim is not just to describe what is already happening, but to introduce employers, education and training providers and political decisions takers to each other so that they can form overlapping “coalitions of the willing” to meet the needs and aspirations of themselves and of their current and prospective employees, pupils and students. The event will be recorded for future viewing. A report will contain contacts, links and other information to facilitate follow up. 


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