6th - 10th February 2023
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The Sheriffs' Challenge 2023

HEATS: 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th FEBRUARY.  FINAL at the OLD BAILEY: 8th MARCH

The Sheriff’s Challenge is an annual speaking event for teams from London schools of up to six Year 12 students who might otherwise not have such an opportunity. It was originated by Sir Peter Estlin in his Shrieval year.  The Sheriffs are the Presidents of the event each year and they decide upon the City-related subject.  In 2022 it was “Should the purpose of the City of London go beyond creating wealth and jobs?”

The competition is held under the auspices of the Financial Services Group (FSG) of Livery Companies, and in 2021/2022 the Sheriffs and FSG started opening the event to other Livery Companies.  It is organised by the Worshipful Company of Educators.

Each competing school team is sponsored by a Livery Company, which nominates one of their members to act as a ‘Livery Lead’ to coach the team.  Full guidance notes on this role are provided, along with detailed assessment criteria; formative feedback is given by the panel of Judges at each stage.  The oral presentation should take no more than 8 minutes, and is judged by a panel of Masters/Past Masters in the heats and the Sheriffs and two High Court Judges in the final (in which the team also has to answer questions).

Expressions of interest from Livery Companies should be sent in September to Dr Anne Punter, Middle Warden, the Worshipful Company of Educators at


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